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Self Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE) is the self-advocacy organization of the United States. Founded in 1990, we have been working hard for the full inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in the community throughout the 50 states and the world for 24 years. Our non-profit advocacy organization is run by a board of self-advocates representing 9 regions of the country.

Public Awareness & Outreach Liaison Job Posting

SABE has posted a Public Awareness & Outreach Liaison job. If you are interested in learning more, click here. Letters of interest and a resume are due on August 31, 2014.

Our Community Standing Strong Webinars

There are several webinars available for anyone to listen to. You can view the webinar schedule here. Please note the June 24 webinar has been rescheduled to July 1. If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact Juliana Huerena (prinzjana@aol.com, 602-502-7426).



If you are interested in learning more about SABE’s Conference (October 9-12, 2014 in Oklahoma City), you can view the conference website here. There is also a bid packet available here (updated 7/17/14), which provides a structure for potential hosts to submit bids and to organize the tasks associated with the conference.


People with intellectual/developmental disabilities have an equal right to technology and information access. A coalition of disability organizations and individuals are asserting this right in a formal declaration, announced at the Thirteenth Annual Coleman Institute National Conference on Cognitive Disability and Technology, held October 2, 2013, in Broomfield, Colorado. You can view the declaration, read more about its formation, and endorse it either as an organization or as an individual at: colemaninstitute.org/declaration SABE has proudly endorsed this document. We encourage you to read it and endorse it and pass the information along to as many organizations and individuals as possible. Cathy Enfield SABE Vice President

July  13, 2014 Dear SABE Members, How is everyone? I hope everyone is having a good summer. I just wanted to tell you some things. We are continuing to work on the Marriage penalty that affects people on Social Security benefits. If you receive SSI or SSDI and want to get married, this could affect the amount of money you and your spouse receive monthly. We would like to address this issue but we need your help. We need stories from people who are currently on social security benefits and married and how your benefits have been cut. We also want stories from people who have chosen to live together but want to get married but can’t, because you will lose benefits. If you know of anyone, or this has affected you personally, please write us a one to two page paragraph about your situation and feelings. Please try to be as specific as possible about the amount of money lost and the impact that has on you and your spouse or the amount of money that you would lose if you did get married. Please include your contact information in case we have questions about your personal situation. Please send your stories to Bryon Murray, SABE President at reg3sabe@hotmail.com or to Glenda Singletary at ghsingletary@fcdsn.org. If you need any assistance writing your story, please let us know and we can help. We are asking for the letters to be returned to us by August 31, 2014. I believe that this marriage penalty is an important issue that we, as members of SABE, can have an impact on changing. Let’s stand together, because together, we can change anything. We are grateful for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. Bryon Murray, SABE President

We want your personal Olmstead story!

Olmstead Picture To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Olmstead v. LC decision in 2014, the Atlanta Legal Aid Society and People First of Georgia are looking for stories and videos from across the nation of people who represent Olmstead. The best videos and stories will describe people who are living full and meaningful lives in the community after being confined in institutions or after facing a risk of going into an institution or will be videos of people who are currently in institutions who want to return to the community. These videos and stories will be featured on the IamOlmstead.org website created by the Atlanta Legal Aid Society, which will go live on January 1, 2014. Videos and stories will also be featured by People First of Georgia on its website and at its national Long Road Home events in 2014. Here is an example of an I am Olmstead video: Willie’s Olmstead Video RULES FOR CONTEST AND TERMS OF USE: PLEASE CLICK HERE! Deadline is December 1, 2013.

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News from the New American Movement for People with Disabiities Late last week, the United States Senate debated section 511 of the Workforce Reinvestment Act, which proposes permitting people with disabilities to be paid subminimum wage in a non-sheltered workshop environment. In the shadow of the recent push to close sheltered workshops, and the subsequent debates that followed (like the broadcast on Rock Center), the section 511 debate has once again divided the disability community. TO CONTINUE READING ARTICLE, PLEASE CLICK HERE!