SABE’s My Technology Handbook

May 14th, 2015

I want to share how my relationship with technology began?  I was so afraid of it; my first couple of computers were given to me when someone was getting a new one. I was told how to turn it on and about some programs or games on it.

I wish we could all learn from a friend who had hundreds of hours to give to us but that is hard to come by.  Next best thing is a book that you can look at that doesn’t rush you. Or expect you to remember but, The My Technology Handbook will ask you make notes to help you remember.

Most of us are not satisfied with a phone that just makes phone calls or a computer that types letters anymore.  We want computers or phones to help us build on personal goals or group goals.  Before you can decide what you want the technology to help you with, you might like to understand how things work and what is possible. The My Technology Handbook will help you understand the very basic words or terms to prepare you for the discussion about what you need.

After reading this I hope you have an experience like I did. Understanding technology and how to use the tools like social media safely to connect with your friends in self advocacy and grow your organization’s partnerships.

The SABE My Technology Handbook answers questions that most of us who are new or just learning about technology ask.  This Handbook uses easy to understand directions and step by step pictures to teach these skills. Remember it was written by people with disabilities for people with disabilities.

You can learn how to find the right computer, tablet, smart phone, apps and programs that will work best for you. Also, you can learn how to stay safe when using the computer, security options and how to use the internet.  Then we have social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Skype) Blogging, Vlogging, Conference Calls, GoToMeeting and Webinars.

Just CLICK on the title, My Technology Handbook, to begin your journey in the world of technology!

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This version allows for screen readers to be used.

Click here for the user-friendly version with “graphics” of the SABE My Technology Handbook