Sabe USA

How Was the Team Created?

SABE region representatives and Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) started working together to educate people about voting in 2000. SABE noticed that people with disabilities were not exercising their right to vote and wanted to give everyone the opportunity to vote.

SABE received a grant from the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation to develop the Vote training curriculum. In 2002, the Administration on Developmental Disabilities funded SABE to continue the project to teach state self-advocacy groups about voting. Between 2002 and 2004 SABE taught 9 state self-advocacy groups how to lead voter education trainings for people with disabilities in their state.

SABE realized that self-advocacy groups needed partners in the community to help educate people about voting rights. In 2004 SABE applied for funds from the Administration on Developmental Disabilities to provide training and technical assistance to Protection and Advocacy organizations across the country.   SABE continues to work with Protection and Advocacy groups, self-advocacy groups, and other disability vote groups to make the voting process accessible to everyone, including citizens with disabilities.