Sabe USA

What organizations are part of the team?

The National Technical Assistance Center is a partnership with:

Click on the name to learn about past partners on the project (TheArcLink Incorporated, The Arc of the US, Arizona Center for Disability Law, Georgia Advocacy Office)


Who are the people on the team

2014-2015 Team Members

PV Team 2015

Nancy Ward, Teresa Moore, Leanne Roth, Juliana Huerena



Past Team Members (click on the name to learn about current team members)

Picture of the vote team, including Hannah Bowen, Lynne Tamore, Teresa Moore, Nancy Ward, Betty Williams, Chester Finn, and Tia Nelis.Essie Pederson

Hannah Bowen

Krystle McCarthy

Laura Jackson

Nancy Ward

Teresa Moore

Tia Nelis



Click on the name to learn about past team members (Mary Oschwald, Laurie Powers, Chester Finn, Hope Finley, Lynne Tamor, Peri Jude Radecic, Betty Williams, Jason Billehus, John Britton, Ruby Moore)