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The National Technical Assistance Center for Voting and Cognitive Access helps protection and advocacy systems, election officials and people with disabilities to make voting accessible for all citizens.

The Center is managed and operated by leaders in the self-advocacy movement.

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MY VOTEby Jeff RidgewayPicture of Jeff Ridgeway

They say I can’t vote

They say the decision is not mine

They say I don’t understand

I guess they think they’re being kind

I wonder what they would say or think if they only knew

That when they call the President “Our President”,

I want to Call him mine too.

If I never get the chance to Vote –

Pulling the lever, punching the card, or writing the name down.

I stay the same – dumb, misinformed, unchanged, unempowered.

That is what this world expects me to be.

But I want so much more

I want to be the most educated – the most informed – the most totally changed – the most totally empowered person that I can be when I vote.

I can make a difference and then I can say with pride,

“Not Yours,

not theirs,

but My President

because I helped put him there.”


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