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Absentee Voting by People with Disabilities: Promoting Access and Integrity

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By the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, 2007. This article talks about absentee voting and accessible voting. It claims the most important reform, however, is a move toward “no excuse” absentee voting.


Barriers to Voting in a Private, Independent and Verifiable Manner

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By the American Council of the Blind, September 2002. This 6 page summary identifies barriers that make it hard for people who are blind and visually impaired to cast their votes in a private, independent, and verifiable manner. The article also talks about how these barriers may be overcome.


Blind Voters Experience Assessment Study Research Summary

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By The National Federation of the Blind December 2008. This 48 slide PowerPoint presentation provides information from a research study done with legally blind voters after the 2008 presidential election. Survey questions included voting by mail or absentee ballot, voting at the polls, accessible voting machines, how they feel about their voting experiences, and suggested improvements.


Cast a Vote by Yourself: A Review of Accessible Voting Machines

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From the American Foundation for the Blind. This article compares 4 electronic voting machines after testing by people who are blind and visually impaired.


GAO Full Report VOTERS WITH DISABILITIES: Access to Polling Places and Alternative Voting Methods

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October 2001, This 97 page report looks at state and local practices for making voting accessible, both at polling places and with voting accommodations. It also estimates the number of polling places with things that might help or cause problems with access. It talks about improving voting accessibility.


GAO Testimony ELECTIONS: Electronic Voting Offers Opportunities and Presents Challenges Released

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This 47 page document gives information about the Help America Vote Act and electronic voting machines. It talks about problems with current voting systems.


Letter to NIST on Voting Machines

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By Janna Starr Director of Disability Rights and Technology Policy, The Arc of the United States and United Cerebral Palsy. This letter talks about guidelines for making voting systems accessible for people with cognitive or intellectual disabilities. It gives examples of ways to help people with cognitive disabilities.


Ohio Directive – Reasonable Accommodation for Disabled Absentee Voters who are Homebound

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The court’s order requires all 88 county boards of elections to provide an opportunity for voters with disabilities to correct errors on their absentee ballot envelopes at the request of those voters. This information was created after a court ruling in the case Ray v. the Franklin County Board of Elections, et al.,. on November 17, 2008.



Video: Gayle Gardner from Oregon talks about confusing ballots

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Vote Oregon! How to Assist Voters with Disabilities

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By the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office, 2004. This short brochure covers the basics of helping people with disabilities to vote in Oregon. It talks about: providers’ responsibilities, who can provide assistance, who cannot provide assistance, rules and guidelines, voting the ballot, providing a replacement ballot, and returning the ballot.


Voting and You

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A PowerPoint presentation from the National Youth Leadership Network covering access to voting, registering to vote, web resources for more information, learning about the issues and candidates, and how to vote.



Voting Guide – Indiana 2008

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This easy to understand Voting Guide by The Indiana Protection and Advocacy System shares information about registering to vote, preparing to vote, and voting in Indiana.

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Democracy Live is a way for election administrators to set up voter information so that voters can get information all in one place. Using the Democracy Live Voter Information platform elections administrators can offer their voters a sample ballot, the ability to watch and listen to candidates directly on their ballot, track their ballot and even print their ballot.


Your Voice Your Vote Kentucky Protection & Advocacy Voting Guide September 2004

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This 18 page voting guide clearly explains voting rights, who is eligible to vote, and instructions for people with disabilities in Kentucky.


Your Voice Your Vote PowerPoint Presentation by Kentucky Protection & Advocacy September 2004

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This PowerPoint presentation was created to go with the Your Voice Your Vote voting guide. This broad presentation covers voting rights, who is eligible to vote, and instructions for people with disabilities in Kentucky.