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Guardianship and Voting – Patricia Jones

Right now in the state of Arizona which is where I’m, which is where I live right now a lot of folks that have guardianship, that have any kind of guardianship, whether it’s a full guardianship or a partial guardianship issue, they’ve been told because they’ve been deemed "incapacitated," a label and a language, that they’ve been deemed that they can’t vote and this is something that Self Advocated has expressed that we want to change but because it’s important to folks to be able to vote and we need to do some education to teach people that you know just because some people need some help doesn’t mean that they don’t have the capacity of being able to vote. That there’s more- that we have the ability to get support these days and there’s technical support and everything like that. There’s a lot of creative ways of doing this and people there’s no reason why someone who has the desire to vote can’t vote.