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Voting for Candidates and Issues – Patricia Jones

I want to talk a little bit too about what it was like for our Self Advocates. We’ve had members of our Self Advocates coalition on our state level in Arizona who have gone done and participated in the process of going down and talking to the legislature about hearings, about bills, and what’s that like for us. It was, it made a big difference with the legislature because they saw us coming down there and talking to them about what’s important to us and we came down there and we spoke from our heart and we, it really made a difference with them in making decisions about the bills that we were talking about- hearing from the power of our stories and it also made a big difference in how the Self Advocates felt because they felt, they got excited because they felt like they were a part of this process that they never knew they could be a part of before and all around on both sides of the story it was a very powerful experience.