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Voting is Your Right – Bernard King


Hello my name is Bernard King and I’m going to talk about voting. Just because we’re in a wheelchair that doesn’t matter nothing. Because people that can walk, they go out and vote and I think that we should have the same rights no matter if we are in a wheelchair, no matter if we are not in a wheelchair. We can still get around just like they are. And some places have good voting machines and some places don’t. So I think that all the towns should really work on voting places. Not absentee ballots, cause me myself, I don’t really like absentee ballots. And that’s all I got to say about voting.


Yes, I got to tell you my name is Bernie King and I’m talking about Voting. When they tell us we can’t vote and we can’t do other things. We go to Trenton and raise a lot of heck in Trenton. We do a lot of marches about voting and marches about other things. We get to write in the newspaper, we make noise on the television, so we really don’t take no for an answer with voting.