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Free Webinar Training Calls

Picture of a blonde woman in a blue suit.Join Teresa Moore from the National Technical Assistance Center for Voting and Cognitive Access as she hosts conference calls about improving access to the voting process for citizens with disabilities.


Thursday September 26th, 1:30pm Eastern, A Webinar on Accessible Ballots

More information about the webinars and how to register will be added to the website six weeks before the training date.

Past Conference Calls































6/13/2013 Election Day Surveys. Guest speakers Kevin Truitts, Vicki McGahee, and Essie Pederson talked about the results of election day surveys that were collected from voters with disabilities in the 2012 election. Click here to see the presentation from Kavin Truitts (ppt file).Click here to see the presentation from Vicki McGahee (ppt file).Click here to see the survey discussed by Vicki McGahee (pdf file).Click here to see the presentation from Essie Pederson (ppt file).Click here to see the survey report discussed by Essie Pederson (pdf file).2/28/2012 Is Voting Important to You, If so why? On this webinar organized by Autism Now, guest speakers Nancy Ward and Teresa Moore talk about the website, the Project Vote voter education toolkit, and the importance of building partnerships with community members to build a strong voter education team. Click here to see the presentation from this webinar (pdf file).8/25/2011 Voting Myths about People with Disabilities. Guest speaker Cheri Mitchell of the Georgia Advocacy Center talks about how to organize a “voting party” and the power that people with disabilities have as a huge voting group. Guest speaker Dave Zwyer of the Ohio Pooled Trust Program talks about guardianship, how it affects voting rights, alternatives to guardianship, and what to do if your guardian is not doing a good job. Guest speaker Matt Robertson, self-advocate for Oklahoma, shares his story about discrimination and what he did to overcome barriers at the polling place.

7/28/2011 Fighting For Democracy. Guest speaker Peri Jude Radecic of the Arizona Center on Disability Law talks about current trends and threats to voting including: polling site accessibility, Mega Voting Centers, Identification Requirements, lack of accessible voter information, state and federal funding cuts that delay research and training for pollworkers and self-advocates. Jennifer Mathis of the Bazelon Center talks about the rights of voters with disabilities including: what to do if somone says you can’t vote, if a pollworker asks if you have a guardian, if a service provider tries to stop you from voting, and getting to your polling place. Click here to listen to and watch a recording of the call.

9/29/2010 Accessible Voting Information. Guest speakers Julie Anderson of Oregon’s P&A, Hannah Bowen and Nancy Ward of NTAC, Sakena McWright at the Department on Disability Services/Developmental Disabilities Administration in Washington D.C., and Lynne Tamor, President of TheArcLink, Inc. shared information and expertise on creating accessible web and print documents for voting information. Click here to listen to a recording of the call (MP3 file).

7/14/2010 Poll Worker Training: Ideas for Inclusive Training. Guest speakers Kate Georgen Seipel for the Disability Law and Advocacy Center of Tennessee, Lou Ann Blake from the National Federation of the Blind, Dennie Todd from the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities and a Poll Worker, NTAC Co-Director Nancy Ward and NTAC team member Tia Nelis shared their ideas and experiences for inclusive poll worker training. Click here to listen to a recording of the call (MP3 file).

3/3/2010 Supporting Voters in Congregate Care: Outreach and Training in Institutions and Group Homes. Guest speakers Paul O’Hanlon from Disability Rights Network in Pennsylvania, Kate Bowden from Rhode Island Disability Law Center, Merry Postemski from Disability Rights Vermont, and Mickie Kawai from Washington County Elections in Oregon discussed their experiences supporting voters living in different kinds of congregate care facilities to register to vote and successfully cast their ballot. Click here to listen to a recording of the call (MP3 file).

8/24/09 Involving Young Voters with Disabilities in the Voting Process. NTAC shared current research on the voter turnout rates of youth and people with disabilities. Guest speakers Andrea Kadlec from Disability Rights Washington, Corinna Fale from People First of Washington, Marsha Honore-Jones from Utah DD Council, Alan Chase from NYLN, and Lynne Tamor from the ArcLink share their experiences developing civic involvement programs and leading voter education activities.

9/25/08 Access to Voting for People with Visual Disabilities.  

Guest speakers Chester Finn, Less Bar, and Jim Dickson discussed access to information, pollworker training, and voting machines.

7/29/08 Working with Self-Advocacy Groups. Guest speakers represented P&As and Self-Advocacy groups who have formed a strong partnership. Panel members included Ruby Moore and Cherie Mitchell from Georgia, Kayla Bower and Nancy Ward from Oklahoma, and Mel Leviton and Erick Yearly from Idaho.

9/27/06 Beyond Registration: Outreach & Education to Empower People with Disabilities to Vote.

6/1/06 Guardianship and Voting

2/14/06 Partnering with Self-Advocacy Groups. The NTAC shared their new guide on partnering with self-advocacy groups and a panel of speakers shared their experiences with building trust and strong partnerships between P&As and Self-Advocacy groups. Guest speakers included Tia Nelis and Xena from Illinois, Nancy Ward and Kayla Bower from Oklahoma, and Teresa Moore and Peri Jude from Arizona.

12/13/05 Accessible Language. The NTAC shared their new guide on create accessible materials. Guest speaker Marinda Reed shared her experience partnering with her state self-advocacy group to create voting materials that are understandable for people with cognitive disabilities.

4/28/05 What Makes Voting Machines Cognitively Accessible. The NTAC presented their tips for cognitively accessible voting machines. Guest speaker Jim Dickson provided information about current voting machines and new technology being developed.

1/27/05 Advice from Leaders in the Self-Advocacy Movement. National Self-Advocacy Leaders held a conversation with P&As about best practices for including self-advocates in voter outreach and education.