Advisory Committee

A 13-person Advisory Committee with representatives from all over the USA will oversee the SARTAC project.

Advisory Committee Meeting Calendar

January 15-17, 2017

Meeting Space: Georgia Advocacy Office (1 West Court Square, Suite 625, Decatur, GA 30030)

Hotel : Courtyard Marriott (130 Clairemont Ave, Decatur, GA 30030)

Advisory Committee Meeting Agendas 

Advisory Committee Members

picture of Bernard BakerBernard Baker, Georgia

picture of Brad Linnenkamp   Brad Linnenkamp, Missouri

Picture of Cheri Mitchell   Cheri Mitchell, Georgia

picture of Chester Finn   Chester Finn, New York

picture of David Frye    David Frye, Vermont

picture of David Taylor   David Taylor, Michigan

picture of Emily Rogers   Emily Rogers, Washington

picture of Finn Gardiner   Finn Gardiner, Massachusetts

picture of Jean Searle   Jean Searle, Pennsylvania

picture of Jeiri Flores   Jeiri Flores, New York

picture of Krista Howard   Krista Howard, Arizona

picture of Nicole LeBlanc   Nicole LeBlanc, Maryland

picture of Thelma Greene   Thelma Green, DC