SABE Region 1


There are currently chapters in Fairbanks and Wasilla, and there will be a new chapter starting in Anchorage.  Fairbanks had a cookie sale and made $200.

Last updated November 2011


Idaho Self-Advocate Leadership Network-The organization has been notified of funding so that they could break away from the Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilites.  They held a training for members on Idaho Medicaid cuts.  Members participated in a volunteer project helping elderly people in Boise and Nampa will Fall yardwork.

Last updated November 2011


  • All but four of the chapters have had a decrease in advisor salaries.  Funds are available through at least May.
  • Grant applications have been sent in but no responses yet.
  • Continue to get financial support from Disability Rights Montana.
  • Will be going to the legislature next year to see if we can get funding from the state.


Last updated March 2012


Self-Advocates As Leaders (SAAL) is working with one of the local groups to plan a self-advocacy conference in 2013. Oregon has not had a statewide self-advocacy conference since 2004. They attended the Oregon Disability Megaconference in June where they had a table and hosted a film festival. They had people from MASS (the Massachusetts self-advocacy group) come to Portland and co-host a day long training about abuse and staying safe. SAAL also lead a new training this month about When to call 911.

SAAL is advocating at the state capitol. The state is cutting 9% across the board. The state is going to cut a lot of family support programs that help keep kids with disabilities in their family homes. The DD Support Brokerages that support adult with disabilities are also getting cuts. The state cut 25% of the SAAL budget last year but they say that they will not cut any more from the self-advocacy group.

Last updated June 2010


People First of Washington held a statewide Self-Advocacy Conference in Spokane in September.  There were about 200 in attendance.  People First of Washington has added three new chapters recently.  There are now 33 chapters and 5 high school chapters.

Last updated November 2011