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People First of CA had its annual gathering in San Jose this year.  They had some really good speakers. One was Emily Tilton from Advocates in Action, Rhode Island.  The website for this organization is  They seem to be a great advocacy group.

Conferences on the West Coast:

The ARC Conference is next month in Seattle Washington.  I am going so I can report later.


The budget is secure at the moment.  They are giving wage increases to state workers.  Hopefully this won’t put us back in the red.

There is not much to report in California this time except it has been very hot.  It was 117 in my area last week.  There were two deaths reported because of the heat, but neither were people with disabilities.  The California Regional Centers used their emergency notification system to call all agencies and individuals with disabilities to remind them to drink lots of water and stay cool.  Every city had cooling centers available to those who did not have access to air conditioning.

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Updated September 2013


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