SABE Region 6


People of Alabama has been quite active, as of late. On October 2nd, the city council of Northport, AL unveiled a plan to redo their zoning laws that would discriminate against people with disabilities. This would allow group homes to be within 1000 feet (1/4 mile) of each other. We feel this is illegal because of the Federal Law under the Fair Housing Act.

People First was able to get 50-70 people to the meeting on Oct 17th. The measure was tabled till Nov 7th.   People First will be represented at that meeting.

People First of AL is also redoing its website and we just completed redoing our By-laws & 5 Year Strategic Plan.

People First of AL is doing Vote training again this Election season.  We are working with ADAP (Alabama Disability Advocacy Program) again this year getting people with disabilities registered, making sure they know what the issues are as much as possible, and how to make sure they can get to the polls to actually vote.

Last updated November 2011


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North Carolina

We are still fighting the budget cuts here that effect people that are no longer getting their services.

Also, the Association of Self-Advocates of North Carolina just had a one day conference where we had our state elections.  We have a brand new board now. Kenneth Stallings was elected President of the group.  We are working on the new waiver that has come out in our state, called the B.C.D. waiver. We also have a number of people that are on a waiting list for services across our state.  We are looking forward to working with our state team as they get ready to go to the AFP Conference in November of this year.

Last updated August 2011

South Carolina

IMPACT-South Carolina’s Self Advocacy Council has recently participated in training on goal setting.  Some local groups have launched an “R” Word campaign.  Transportation issues are an initiative for the state group.  We are also working on creating a website.

Last updated November 2011


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