Learn about SABE

Self Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE ). The United State’s national self-advocacy organization. We are a national board of regional representatives and members from every state in the US.

SABE’s Mission:

To ensure that people with disabilities are treated as equals and that they are given the same decisions, choices, rights, responsibilities, and chances to speak up to empower themselves; opportunities to make new friends; and to learn from their mistakes.

What we believe in:

  • People with disabilities should be treated as equals.
  • People should be given the same decisions, choices, rights, responsibilities, and chances to speak up and empower themselves.
  • People should be able to make new friendships and renew old friendships just like everyone else.
  • People should be able to learn from their mistakes like everyone else.

Our current goals are:

  • Eliminate institutions;
  • SABE will support affordable and accessible housing for all people in the community;
  • National healthcare for all people;
  • Equal employment opportunities for equal pay for all people;
  • People with disabilities will have self-advocacy at all stages of their lives with funding to support state, local and national self-advocacy organizations;
  • SABE will educate people with and without disabilities on the options, choices and alternatives to guardianship so that full guardianship is not an option whenever possible;
  • Relationships;
  • SABE will be a political powerhouse to work on legislation that effects people with disabilities lives;
  • SABE will advocate for individualized services for all people with disabilities;
  • SABE will support flexible and available accessible transportation (airlines, trains, buses) for all people in the community across the nation; and,
  • SABE will educate people – all people – about disability issues that are important in their lives.

How you can help SABE!

For questions about membership and finding local and statewide self-advocacy organizations contact SABE at:

Self Advocates Becoming Empowered

P.O. Box 872

Mason, OH 45040