Sabe USA

What Do We Do?

  • Assist protection and advocacy systems to identify and address barriers to cognitive accessibility
  • Connect protection and advocacy systems (P & As) with self-advocacy groups
  • Provide national Distance Training through a Webinar series with self advocacy groups and state P&As
  • Present a session at the NDRN conference on how to use the interactive website ( and the results of the voting experience survey and the site accessibility survey
  • Provide voter education training at additional national conferences
  • Upon request provide on-site training with P&As, self-advocacy groups, and election officials on providing cognitively accessible voter education for citizens with cognitive disabilities: voter registration, casting a ballot, and full participation in the electoral process
  • Develop materials and tools to increase cognitive access (friendly), accessible voter education training curriculum that can be edited to make it state specific
  • Provide technical assistance to P&As in building partnerships with self-advocacy groups